How to Print ASP.NET GridView

GridView control


We all enjoyed the datalist and the datagrid controls in 1.1. There were thousands of operations that we can perform using datagrid and datalist control. 2.0 ships with another data bound templated control which is called Grid View. Grid View has made everything easier for developers. The main changes that I have seen in 2.0 is that we don't require a lot of code to achieve tasks but most of the functionality is already provided and built in the control.

In this article we will see the GridView control in action and we will see what type of operations we can perform using this control and how this control is better than the classic datagrid control.

Using the GridView Control:

 If you read my previous articles on DataGrid control you might have noticed that we need to write quite a bit of code to enable paging, sorting and selecting an item from the datagrid. Using the gridview control I did not even write a single line and got all the three things i.e, paging, sorting and selection for granted.

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