Project web access integration with outlook


  • Click Personal Settings --> Out Look Sync
  • Click Download Now

  • Start Outlook 2003 or 2007.
  • A toolbar will be added to the Outlook interface
  • Click Tools --> Options
  • Click Project Web Access Tab

There are two options for importing Tasks

  • Outlook Tasks
  • Outlook Calendar

You can also set your Project web access user id and password for automatic login and status update.

  • From PWA Toolbar Click Import New Assignments
  • Click OK to import the tasks
  • Tasks will be displayed on Outlook Welcome Screen as well as tasks page
  • Click ON Tasks button on the left menu to go inside the tasks page
  • Click on any task to see its details
  • Now Double Click on any task to see its details
  • Click next or Previous to move into different time spans.
  • Enter the appropriate time in the task progress or timesheet information
  • To save click Save to Project Web Access
  • To Sent Timesheet to Project Manager Check the "And submit to project manager".
  • You can also visit the PWA from the buttons given on this page.
  • Using Outlook Calendar

    a. Change the settings in PWA Options

    b. Click Import Assignments fro m Toolbar

    c. Click OK

    d. You will automatically see the notification if the tasks are late otherwise you can see the task from calendar page.

    e. Click On Calender

    f. Navigate to the dates of the tasks

    g.You can also choose categories to identify various tasks.