In this blog, I will be sharing an example of how comparison of a Boolean variable with a number can create confusion.

This blog is for getting the comments count (Comments are added using NoteBoard web part) based on the URL. This is no code solution and can be compatible with SharePoint Online / Office 365. The script code mentioned in the blog can be easily integrated with search webpart display template also.

Here's a recap and slides available from the session for those who could not attend on 13th Sep'14 - Developer's Day, Delhi Chapter!!

Recently, I have done a fair amount of Win32® Interop in my Microsoft® .NET Framework-based apps.

Tips to rename web site projects in Visual Studio 2013.

    In this blog we will learn access method of parent class with instance of child class in C#.

      Run C# In cmd

      Posted by Sandeep Banerjee in C# Tutorials on Sep 16, 2014

      This blog describe how to run c# in cmd.

        In this blog you will learn how to make a webservice for an apple push notification.

          Query to display total tables in data base and records count in each table

          In this blog you will learn how to write code which will help you in generation of OTP which is now used very widely for authorization.

            In this blog you will learn Host Angular App on Heroku.

            How to create screen like windows 8 using devexpress controls

            Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed rules in May 2014 that will allow Telecom Giants like Verizon and AT&T to provide internet connection with discrimination in speed and content to customers based on their subscription plans.

            In this blog you will learn How To Add Custom Module in DNN

              This code will show you how to run a executable file(.exe) on a button click.With this code you can run all .exe file on your Webpage.

                In this Blog I will tell you about how you can sort data in sql except some certain Row.

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