Registration Form in C#

Posted by Bharat Bodage in Articles C# on 4/16/2014 1:47:17 AM

If anybody wants to register only user of specific intranet then they will check if user is exist on intranet domain or not.

This is a very small example which demonstrates swapping 2 numbers.We all know how to swap two numbers with the help of a third variable. What i would like to share here is to do the same swapping with the help of two numbers.

Here, I would be sharing how one can call the methods from watch windows.

Update multiple data from 1 table to other table in single Query.

This blog defines how to use DropDownList controls in ASP.Net.

    This blog will tell you how to encrypt and decrypt the web.config section for security reason.

    How to configure Windows Search (built into Windows known as Windows Desktop Search, to index and search PDF files.

      Here, I will show you how to display only numeric keypad in page.

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