This blog explains how to call a web method using JQuery.

Blog describes about WMI queries, management object searcher.

Here I will explain how to convert table data to xml format in sql server or get table data in xml format in sql server. We can convert sql server table data in xml format by using XML PATH.

    This blog describe to Value types and Reference Type in C# language.

    Nested Group in LINQ

    Posted by Rahul Singh in LINQ on Oct 22, 2014

    In this blog you will learn how to solve a problem where multiple grouping in data source was required. Sharing the problem statement and code snippet.

      This blog will be helpful for those who want to draw a rectangle using mouse dragging feature and show a re-sizing handler and also want to move a rectangle from one position to another.

      This blog will help you to restrict any user to redirect directly on page(By simply entering URL).

      Scalar-valued Function

      Posted by Rakesh Kumar in SQL on Oct 20, 2014

      In this blog you will learn Scalar-valued Function.

        This Blog is for show current date and time with out post back.

          This article will demonstrate how to use multi-value paramter in sql without using dynamic SQL.

          This blog describe how to get the values from the any combination of a record from table.


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