In this blog you will learn about Whats App Calling Feature.

In this blog you will learn how to extend MVVM Pattern to MVVMP Pattern.

    This content gives you a brief idea about Google's BigQuery

      In this post, I am going to cover the basics of getting a new 3rd-party tile for your application onto the Microsoft Band with WinRT using the SDK.

        Sort GridView Columns at Client Side in ASP.NET using jQuery. At times we want sort column in GridView by clicking on header in ASP.NET using jQuery at Client side.

          In this blog I will explain the ranking functions in Sql server.

          In this blog we will learn about setting th 'Show field' for 'Person or Group' type column using PowerShell in SharePoint.

          In this blog we will learn about Enums in C# programming.

          This is a blog about my personal experience in using 9s to slow down the CPU, or at least make it work for a longer time.

          In this blog I am going to list out the various syntax for retrieving the available site templates for the site using the SharePoint REST API.


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