How to create a GroupBox in WPF?

Soft Dev Jun 09, 2009
A GroupBox control is used to add a header to an area and within that area you can place controls. By default, a GroupBox can have one child but multiple child controls can be added by placing a container control on a GroupBox such as a Grid or StackPanel.

The GroupBox element in XAML represents a GroupBox control. The following code snippet creates a GroupBox control, sets its background and font. The code also sets the header by using GroupBox.Header.

<Window x:Class="GroupBoxSample.Window1"



    Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">


        <GroupBox Margin="10,10,10,10" FontSize="16" FontWeight="Bold"



               Mindcracker Network



            <TextBlock FontSize="12" FontWeight="Regular">

                This is a group box control content.