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Adding an Icon in LightSwitch Visual Studio 2012

By Ashwani Tyagi on Apr 22, 2013
In this article we will learn about how to add an icon to your application. In this the Application Designer takes a (.png) file which I have created by using Paint.


In this article we will learn how to add an icon to your application. In this article the Application Designer takes a (.png) file that I have created using Paint.

The Application icon is stored as a resource in the application. 

Note: Icon images must be .png files that are of 32 by 32 pixels.

Adding a Program Icon

Step 1

In order to create the image I have used Microsoft Paint.

Image 1


Step 2

After creating the image in paint I click on the resize button to resize the image. When I click on the resize button a dialog box appears.

Image 2 


Step 3

After inserting the value in the Resize Dialog Box, click "OK".

Image 3


Step 4

Save the Image in the folder where we want to save it.

Step 5

Open the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2012.

Image 4


Step 6

In the Solution Explorer, double-click on the Properties to open the Application Designer.

Image 5


Step 7

In the Application Designer, click on the General Properties tab.

Image 6


Step 8

Click the "Select" button that is to the right of the Application icon field.

Image 7


Step 9

Select an image; the dialog box will appear.

Image 8


Step 10

In the select image dialog box click on the "Import" Button.

Image 9


Step 11

In the Open dialog box, choose the folder that contains the .png image files and then select an image and then click "Open".

Image 10


Step 12

Click "OK" to close the Select Image dialog Box.

Ashwani Tyagi
Ashwani Tyagi

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