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Visual Studio LightSwitch: Part 1

By Abhishek Jaiswal :) on Jan 06, 2014
Building Modern, HTML5 Based Business Apps on Windows Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch.

Building Modern, HTML5 Based Business Apps on Windows Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch.

Basics Of  LightSwitch

LightSwitch | Introduction

  • LightSwitch is nothing but a development environment in Visual Studio for building data-based business oriented applications and data services quickly and more comfortably.
  • It is easy to get handled because what you need to write is only the code for the business logic.
  • LightSwitch provides a roadmap for the application as its needs and user base logic.

LightSwitch | Features

  • It provides a flexible deployment model
  • You can publish it on Windows Azure or Office-365
  • Supportive environment

LightSwitch | Functionalities

It provides generally these 3 major functionalities:

Light Switch Functionalities

  1. Mobile Web Business Applications

    • Optimized for touch
    • Runs on platforms like iOS, Android, WP8, WinRT
    • Default screen templates
    • Multiple form factors
    • No code experience with default temps
    Mobile Web Business

  2. Desktop Business Applications
    • Optimized environment
    • Suitable for heavy data entry
    • Mouse & Keyboard scenarios
    • Legacy app integration
    • Default screen temps
    • No-code experience with default temps

      Desktop Business Applications
  3. Hosting
    • Office-365 / SharePoint 2013
    • Infrastructure for app access
    • Organizational identity
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Provider hosting (Azure/ IIS)
    • Flexible operational infrastructure options
    • Leverage experiences


Visual Studio 2012 | LightSwitch Key Features

HTML Client

  • Responsive design supports, framework design, architectural based design supports multiple from factors produces single page application, it is also known as SPAs.
  • Streamlined screen creation and navigation
  • Responsive command bars
  • Popup and screens as dialogs for user interaction
  • Semantic types

SharePoint 2013 Applications

  • Connect to SharePoint 2013 lists as entities
  • Access SharePoint assets through CSOM
  • Auto hosted deployment
  • SharePoint office-365

LightSwitch | Performance

The main performance issues of LightSwitch are:

Light Switch Performance

App Load

  • Minification
  • Static compression


  • Reduce payload size
  • Managing JSON files

LightSwitch | Extended Features

  • Localize app on multiple languages
  • Globalization
  • LINQ Queries
  • Data Workspaces
  • Server application context

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