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Remove Duplicates Rows in Excel 2013

By Prabhakar Maurya on Dec 28 2012
In this article we are explaining how to remove duplicate rows in Excel data sheets.
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In this article we explain how to remove duplicate rows from large data sheets in Excel 2013. A duplicate row in a list is one where all values in one row are an exact match of all the values in another row. In a large Excel data sheet it's very difficult to find and delete duplicate rows from a record. To do that Excel provides a "Remove Duplicates" property by which you can easily delete duplicate rows from large data sheets.

How to delete duplicate rows from Excel data sheets

Step 1

Open an Excel worksheet and select a record from where you want to remove duplicate rows.


Step 2

In the "Data" tab click on "Remove Duplicates".


Step 3

A Remove Duplicate window will be shown. Select the column name to be used to determine whether to remove duplicate rows. And click "OK".


Step 4

After doing that a dialog box will be opened that shows how many duplicate records have been deleted and how many records remain.


Step 5

Now go to your records. You will see that duplicate records have been deleted.