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Remove Duplicates Rows in Excel 2013

By Prabhakar Maurya on Dec 28, 2012
In this article we are explaining how to remove duplicate rows in Excel data sheets.


In this article we explain how to remove duplicate rows from large data sheets in Excel 2013. A duplicate row in a list is one where all values in one row are an exact match of all the values in another row. In a large Excel data sheet it's very difficult to find and delete duplicate rows from a record. To do that Excel provides a "Remove Duplicates" property by which you can easily delete duplicate rows from large data sheets.

How to delete duplicate rows from Excel data sheets

Step 1

Open an Excel worksheet and select a record from where you want to remove duplicate rows.


Step 2

In the "Data" tab click on "Remove Duplicates".


Step 3

A Remove Duplicate window will be shown. Select the column name to be used to determine whether to remove duplicate rows. And click "OK".


Step 4

After doing that a dialog box will be opened that shows how many duplicate records have been deleted and how many records remain.


Step 5

Now go to your records. You will see that duplicate records have been deleted.