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Add and Delete Column in Table in Word 2013

By Satya Prakash on Oct 18, 2012
In this article I am going to explain how to add and delete a column in Word 2013 tables.

Microsoft Word provides a feature through which you can add or delete columns in an existing table.

Add column

Adding a new column in an exiting table is very simple. Use the following steps to add a new column.

Step 1

Suppose you have a table in a Word Document that contains 4 rows and 4 columns. And you want to add another column.


Step 2

Click a column where you want to add an additional column.. Here I clicked in column3.


Step 3

Click the Layout tab and go to the Row & Column Group of buttons to add any column left or right to the selected column. Here I have selected insert left.


Note: You can also select the Insert Right option to add a column to the right of the selected column.

Delete a Column

You can also delete a column from an existing table. Do the following steps to delete a column.

Step 1

Click the column you want to delete from the table. Here I clicked in column3.


Step 2

Click the Layout tab and go to the Delete Column option buttons under the Delete Table Button.


Note: See, colum3 has been deleted.




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