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Convert Text to a Table or Table to Text in Word 2013

By Satya Prakash on Dec 05, 2012
This article describes how to convert text to a table or a table to text in Word 2013.

Convert Text to a Table or Table to Text

Microsoft Word also provides a feature for converting text in Word to table format. You can also convert a table back into text.

Convert Text to a Table

To convert text to a table the following must be done when the text is written:

  1. Insert a separator character such as commas or tabs to delimit the text into table columns.

  2. Use paragraph marks to indicate where you want to begin a new table row.

 Step 1

Write some text which will be converted to a table; see:


Step 2

Select the text written and then click on the Insert tab and choose the Table option.


Step 3

Now select convert text to table within the table menu list.


Step 4

Now the convert text to table window opens; select the option within the convert text to table window and click OK.


Note: See your text converted into table.


Convert Table to a Text

You can also simply convert table content into text using the following procedure.

Step 1

Click in the table; the Layout tab appears in the Menu bar.


Step 2

Click over the Layout tab and choose convert to text in the Data group.


Step 3

Then convert table to text dialog box opens; select an option within the dialog box.


Step 4

Click Ok and see your table converted back to text format.




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