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How to Split a Cell of a Table in Word 2013

By Satya Prakash on Oct 22 2012
This article describes ho to split a cell of a table in Word 2013.
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Sometime you will need to split a table cell into two or more sub-cells. Word allows splitting a cell into multiple cells. In this article I will teach you how to split a cell into multiple smaller sub-cells in Word 2013.

Split a Cell

Do the following simple steps to split a cell into two or more sub-cells.

Step 1

Suppose your Word document contains a table as in:

table-in -word2013.jpg

Step 2

Put your mouse pointer within a cell that you want to divide into multiple cells.


Step 3

Click the Layout Tab and then click the Split Cells Button. That will display a dialog box asking for the number of rows and columns to be created from the selected cell.


Step 4

Select the desire number of rows and columns in the dialog box and finally click the Ok button.