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Clear Cache Using Start Screen Apps in Windows 8

By Gaurav Gupta on Jan 03, 2013
In this article we will learn how to remove cache data from the live tiles and Desktop apps in Windows 8.

In this article we will learn about caches in Windows 8. Windows 8 includes two types of background Start Screens other than the classic Desktop. So, now we have two ways to clear or remove the cache date from the computer.

Here, I will show you some tips for how to clear a cache using Desktop apps, from the Windows Store and clear the cache from a Live Tile in Windows 8.

Clear Cache using Start Screen Apps in Windows 8

You can clear the cache data of Windows 8 using the new UI Start Screen. Here is the procedure to be used.

Step 1

If you are on the Desktop, then go to the Start Screen using the Win key.

Step 2

Press the "Win+F" key to open the search bar. Type "cleanmgr" in the given search textbox.


Step 3

Choose "cleanmgr.exe" from the search pages on the left panel.


Step 4

You receive a prompt disk cleanup dialog box and try to scan files for a span of time.


Step 5

Now, check the tab nearby "Thumbnails" and click the Ok button.


How to Clear Cache from Live Tile

Step 1

Move the cursor to the top-right edge to highlight the Charms Bar and select the settings option.


Step 2

Then, select the Tile option from the settings window.


Step 3

Then, click the clear button under the clear Personal info from the my files section.



So, this article will help you to clear the cache of Windows 8 from the live tiles and Start Screen apps.