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Microsoft Office

How to Protect Workbook in Excel 2013

By Gaurav Gupta on Jul 31 2012
In this article we see new options provided in Excel 2013 to protect Excel workbooks.
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Microsoft has introduced Office 2013 Preview, the next generation of Microsoft Office product. Excel 2013 ships as a part of Office 2013. The new Microsoft Excel 2013 is totally redesigned and reimagined with a Windows 8 and Metro Style app interface.

Today we will learn how to protect your Worksheet from unauthorized access.

In Excel 2013 Microsoft has provided a variety of ways to protect an Excel sheet. You can protect your worksheet by applying attributes from the options. The controls that protect your workbook are as follows:

Mark as Final:
When you mark your Excel sheet as Final this means it is a final version of the Excel sheet and the user cannot make any changes.

Encrypt with Password: To open an Excel sheet the user requires a password.

Protect current sheet: This controls specify the type of authentication that you want to provide to the other user.

Protect Workbook structure: This controls protect your workbook from changes of the structure of the workbook. Such as the user cannot add an extra sheet to the workbook.

Restrict Access:
This control will also leads your workbook access from the other user and will grant persmissions related to edit, copy, and print etc.

Digital singnature:
This will ensure the intergrity of the workbook by adding an invisible digital singnature security to workbook.

To access this feature follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Excel workbook you want to protect.


Step 2: Go to the File menu and select the Info option from the left-side panel.


Step 3: Select the Protect workbook option from the right side.


When you click on Protect workbook, you will see the various types of options to protect an Excel workbook as I described earlier.