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Bit Right Shift Function in Excel 2013

By Megha Goyal on Sep 05 2012
In this article we will discuss how to use the WorksheetFunction.Bitrshift Method in Excel 2013.
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The WorksheetFunction.Bitrshift Method is a new function introduced in Excel 2013. Bitrshift means bit right shift. This function is used to return a number shifted right by shift_amount bits. This function takes the two arguments, a number (number) to be shifted and a shift amount (shift_amount). The shift_ amount indicates the number of bits to shift the binary digits to the right.

Let's have a look at the following steps.

Step 1

First go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Now select blank workbook templates from the available templates.


Step 3

Now enter some digits, like this:


Step 4

Now to convert the decimal number into a binary number we will use the DEC2BIN function like this:


Step 5

The output will be like this:


Step 6

Now to shift the bits right by 1 we will use the BITRSHIFT function like this:


Step 7

The output will be like this:


Step 8

If we want to shift the bits right by 2 then we will use the BITRSHIFT function like this:


Step 9

The output will then be like this: