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Unicode Function in Excel 2013

By Megha Goyal on Sep 19, 2012
In this article we will discuss how to use the Unicode function in Excel 2013.

This is a new function introduced in Excel 2013. This function is used to return a corresponding Unicode value of the text given as an argument to this function. The syntax of this method is as follows: Unicode(Text) where Text is the argument of which we want to determine the corresponding Unicode value.

Let's have a look at the following steps.

Step 1

First go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Now open a blank Excel workbook template out of the available templates.


Step 3

Now write the following text of which we want to determine the Unicode value.


In the above figure the blank cell has a space character of which we want to determine the Unicode value.

Step 4

Now write the following formula to find the Unicode value of the corresponding argument given to it.


Step 5

The output will be like this: