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Understanding the Object Repository Merge Tool in QTP in Testing

By Varesh Tuli on Jul 14 2012
In this article we discuss how to use the Object Repository Merge Tool
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To merge a shared repository with another shared repository in the Object Repository Merge Tool:


The Object Repository Merge Tool allows merging of objects from multiple Shared Object Repositories into a single Shared Object Repository.

To merge the Shared Object Repositories:

  1. Choose Tool > Object Repository Merge Tool:


  2. Browse the object repositories that are to be merged in the "New Merge" dialog box as shown below:


  3. Click OK button of the "New Merge" dialog box.
  4. The "Merge Statistics" box is then displayed which describes the conflicts (if there are any) that occur when merging the shared repositories. The following is the statistics dialog box, which shows successful merging with no conflicts found:


  5. The merging tool window also gives the option for solving the conflicts while merging the Shared Object Repositories: