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Windows Store Development Tips and Tricks -6 : Expired License Error

By Ibrahim Ersoy on Dec 19, 2012
Beginning Windows 8? These tips will help you master it.Trick 6: Expired License Error

You've developed an application without having a developer license. And from that day on you're using it in your environment.

But you realize a month later that you cannot launch your application from the Modern UI.

Problem: My developer license has expired.How can I reinstall it?

Solution: Normally you can install an application (should have a .appx file extension) using a single Poweshell command.

But from Visual Studio when you build and run your application, this error will be displayed:


The solution is simple!

You need to rebuild your application.Then it will refresh your package and you're free to use it for the next 30 days :)

Ibrahim Ersoy
Ibrahim Ersoy

Ibrahim Ersoy helps running and managing C# Corner. He is a Software Consultant in Sharepoint field. He is also interested in Universal Apps, Nodejs, Javascript and mobility. He is also a 2 times C# Corner MVP.