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Tip: How to change the color of Chart Bars in Crystal Reports?

By Mahesh Chand on Oct 20, 2006
This tip shows you how to change the color of a chart bars in Crystal Reports.
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Recently, I got an email on how to change color of chart items (bars) in Crystal Reports. As usual, instead of replying the individual email, I am adding this Tip to the Crystal Reports section.

If you want to change the default color of a chart bars in Crystal Reports, you can do in Crystal Report designer by selecting a chart bar (make sure the bar is selected) and right click and select Chat Options -> Selected Item from the menu. See Figure 1.

Figure 1.

On next dialog, you can select a color, gradient, texture, and a picture. See Figure 2.

Figure 2.

However, if you are using Visual Studio .NET/2003, you may not see this option. I guess the way you do is, buy the licensed version of Crystal Reports? If you know how to do the same in Visual Studio, do not forget to share with us.



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