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Learning Visual Studio 2005 IDE - Document Outline in Windows Forms 2.0

On August 02, 2005 Articles | Visual Studio
We all have seen Document Outline feature in Visual Studio 2003, which allows ASP.NET developers to select a control on a Web Form and in code editor, it would select the code respective to that control.
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One of the newest feature added to Visual Studio 2005 is Document Outline in Windows Forms.

Create a Windows Forms application and Document Outline window can be opened from the left side. It sits with Server Explorer, Performance Explorer, and Toolbox windows. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Document Outline window

Now click on Document Outline window and add some control to the Form. As you select a control on the form, not only you will see the control is selected in Document Outline window, it also opens the Properties window for that control.

Also, if you select a control in Document Outline, you will see the control selected on the form. See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Document Outline window sync

I will keep exploring new features of Visual Studio 2005 and keep posted on the site.

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