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How to Uninstall an App in Windows 8

By Mahesh Chand on Dec 11 2012
How to uninstall an app in Windows 8
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I keep getting emails from people asking this again and again. 

The funny thing is, I thought I wrote an article on C# Corner but any way, here it is again.

First, find the app you want to remove. You can use WIN+Q and type your app name into the Search TextBox and find your app Icon. 

Alternatively, you can scroll through the apps installed on your machine.

Let's say, I want to uninstall C# Corner app. 

Step 1: 

Right-click or touch the app icon. It should be checked. 


Step 2: 

You will see an Uninstall icon at the bottom-left corner. Select that.


Step 3: 

You may get a confirmation dialog. Confirm by selecting the Uninstall button. 


You are done!