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Aprende a programar como los profesionales con estos atajos de edición que te permitirán codear a velocidades increíbles

This video shows how do you execute a stored procedure from Management studio by passing the expected parameters

The video shows creating a stored procedure and executing it in the Management studio.

In this article you can learn how do you update the App.Config file dynamically and see the setting reflects in the application without a need to re-start.

This video explains how a software developer can develop good communication skills and what tools & techniques etc. can be used.

This video tutorial demonstrates the .NET Interoperability using C# and VB .NET.

This video talks about 10 Rules of Successful Conference calling for Software developers. It includes experience and real world scenarios from a 16 years of IT Experience of working in various software companies India and abroad. It covers many useful tips, tricks and techniques.

Whenever we think about type casting and want to avoid any exception due to mismatch type, then 'is' and 'as' operators are come into picture

The 'new' keyword in C#: -as an operator -as a modifier -as a constraint

In this video tutorial, prepared from online session, we will discuss all about The 'new' in c#:- new as an operator- new as a modifier - new as a constraint.

Nullable types are instances if System.Nullable. A nullable type can represent the normal range of values of its underlying value type plus an additional null value.

In this video you will see how to Using Static in C#.

This is a very initial video tutorial showing about ref and out keywords. The ref keyword causes argument passed by reference. The effect is that any changes is made to the parameter in the method will be reflected in that variable when control passes back to the calling method. The out keyword also causes argument to be passed by reference. There is no need to initialize the out variable, as it requires in case of ref variable.Both ref and out are treated differently at runtime, but treated the same at compilation. Therefore, methods can’t be overloaded, if one method takes a ref keyword and the other takes an out argument.

In this video you will see how to work with Extension Methods in C#.

First video in a new series on what I consider to be enterprise MVVM development for WPF. We will begin covering practical application development scenarios that you will encounter in the real-world, and focus on building high quality, low maintenance, enterprise solutions.

This video is in Hindi. You will learn how to create Microsoft Azure based ASP.NET MVC application.

This video is about how to configure and host the Asp.net vNext starter application on Windows 7 using K-Runtime.

This is part 2 of C# Video Tutorial and this is about reading data from console, variables and constants.Below is the url for the 1st video of C# tutorial http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/f64127/C-Sharp-tutorial-part-1-simple-console-application/

Console application definition and A Simple C# Console Application to display the data on Command line console and

This video explains Access Modifiers and usage with C#

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