• Sending WhatsApp Message using C# Code
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  • Understanding Bootstrap 3 Grid System
  • WPF Enterprise MVVM Session 1: Building ...
  • What is Assembly in .NET


Hi Friends in this video i will be explaining how to send a WhatsApp Message using the C# code.

This session walks through how we built Walkshare and examines the design decisions that we made and introduces the Cloud technologies - including App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Datastore, Redis and Cloud Endpoints - that we chose in order to provide the implementation.

In this video I will explain you about Unity 2D game engine and how to move a player.

This video provides a clear explanation of PRIMARY CONSTRUCTORS of C# 6.0 with a demo which helps in understanding the PRIMARY CONSTRUCTORS of C# 6.0 within 8 mins. PRIMARY CONSTRUCTORS allows us to define a constructor for a type and capture the constructor parameters to use in initialization expression throughout the rest of the type definition.

In this video I will be explaining how to disassemble an assembly and create an IL file and perform some modifications to the IL file and then how to regenerate the assembly based on IL and this video also explains the basic structure of C# Program, brief idea on namespace, how to write a hello world program in C#, compile and execute the program too..

This video is introduction to .NET Framework 4.5 in which the explanation of what is . NET Framework is provided in detail

In this video I have explained about the new feature of C# 6.0 Auto Property Initializers with a proper demo.

In this Video I have explained how to define an explicit constructor while defining a class with the support of primary constructors in C# 6.0.

An Easy to understand video on Static and Non Static members of a class. This Video Explains about how to define the members of a class i.e when to define a member as a static member and when to define a member as a non-static member. This video is based on C# Language specifications ( Please don't compare with other languages ).

A simple way to join tables in order to pivot a multi-row structure on a single-row one

Sabias que Windows tiene su propio gestor de paquetes así como yum o apt-get para Linux? Aprende acerca de Chocolatey.

New Features of VS.NET 2013 : This video provides an introduction about the new features of VS.NET 2013 along with the web enhancements support added to VS.NET 2013 and this video also briefly explains about What is One ASP.NET , using Model and Scaffold on ASP.NET Web Forms , VS.NET 2013 IDE features such as Code Map , Peek Definitions , Code Lens , Browser Link etc.

This video explains the Agile Development process for .NET Developers and tools used during development. This video also explains how .NET Developers can participate better in agile-scrum process and deliver more values.

In this video we will be learning how to import the contacts present within the Gmail using ASP.NET with C#

Here you will learn about Agile Development for .NET Teams.

In this Video we shall understand one of the most frequently asked questions for the freshers in interview how to count occurrences of a string within a string. this video provides the best method to perform that task.

This Video provides the details about what will happen when we create an object for derived or sub class, which constructor of base class will be invoked by default, how to invoke a specific base class constructor, how to perform some manipulations for the parameter value when we pass the arg. from derived class to base class etc.

In this Video i will be explaining about one of the most frequently asked questions on .NET i.e. What is meant by Data Encapsulation with clear explanation watch the video and understand the meaning of Data Encapsulation and understand the difference between abstraction and encapsulation so that you can answer the question easily when it is asked in the Interview.

En este video aprenderás a crear servicios web que envíen información comprimida en formato gzip, con el fin de ahorrar ancho de banda, muy importante en estos tiempos de la movilidad.

Aprende a consumir un servicio WebAPI desde javascript y a lidiar con el molesto pero necesario CORS

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