Image Resizing and FTP

Most of us have gone through the pains of uploading pictures from a digital camera to our web site. There are many commercial software products that will resize, generate HTML, and FTP your pictures to a web site. Since I have incorporated my own gallery generator in ASP.NET I wanted a program to resize image and just FTP them to my site. After talking with friends, I realized they also had the same problems. So I built this simple .Net application.

My friends and I have used this application numerous times. To view an example of the online gallery go to . If you would like the source code just email me.


1) Allow for just Image resizing so that my friends could use the application in tandem with other software programs.

2) Resize Images to a constrained width (default to 400)

3) Since most cameras are 5-2 mega pixels, constrain the quality to web friendly file sizes. Thus preserving precious disk space and download time.

4) FTP to a base picture directory in a new sub folder.

5) Allow for image filename prefixing. My camera recycles the filename often creating an overwrite problem.


I decided to not reinvent the wheel and borrowed the components and code from the following articles

Image Resizing:


Written by Jaimon Mathew (

Directory Selection

Not sure.

Screen Shot