Learning Visual Studio 2005 IDE - Quick Access to Active Tool Windows and Files

One of the coolest feature in Visual Studio 2005 I like is quick access to all active Windows and Files and jumping from one to another quickly.

For developers, it is very ofter to jump from one window to another and one file to another in Visual Studio IDE. New Visual Studio 2005 IDE provides a quick access dialog (not sure what we call this dialog because it does not have a title), which allows us to activate different windows.

If you click on CTRL+TAB, you will see the following dialog. Now clicking CTRL+TAB and left, right, up, and down keys, you can switch from one Active Tool windows and active files to another. 

This dialog shows Active Tool Windows, Active Files, and at the bottom, it shows current active file, which is open in the IDE.


Hopefully, you will like this new feature. I certainly am enjoying this feature.