150 Theme Aware Icons WP7

By Ibrahim Ersoy Jun 27, 2012
Here is my latest work on WP7.

Here is my latest work on WP7.
Started a couple of hours ago and just finished designing.

Note: Used  AAA Logo Creator's Symbols for that

You can use it for General Purpose Design as well as ApplicationBarIcons.
Here is the Download Link:  Download the IconSet

And here is a sheet showing you the IconSet.


Its fully supported for Light and Dark theme. 

Here are the common properties for each icon in the set:

Canvas Size : 48 X 48 
Image Size  : 36 X 36 
Location X    : 6 
Location Y    : 6 

I've also tested it myself before releasing: 

Dark Theme


Light Theme


Hope it helps,

Have a nice day!

Ibrahim Ersoy
Ibrahim Ersoy

Ibrahim Ersoy helps running and managing C# Corner. He is a Software Consultant in Sharepoint field. He is also interested in Universal Apps, Nodejs, Javascript and mobility. He is also a 2 times C# Corner MVP.