Displaying Google Maps in ASP.NET Web Application


To develop a web application using asp.net for displaying GoogleMaps


1. Download ‘GMaps.dll' file, extract the folder.

2. Open VisualStudio.Net -> File -> New Web Site

3. Go to Tool Box -> right click on any tab -> Add New Tab
-> name it as GoogleMapControls -> right click on ‘GoogleMapControls' tab
-> Browse.. ‘GMaps.dll' (GMaps.dll file is provided in gmaps.zip along with the source code)
-> OK.

Now, GMaps controls will appear under ‘GoogleMapControls' tab.

4. Design


Design the form as above with 5 TextBoxes, 1 Button and 1 GMap control (present under ‘GoogleMapControls' tab).

5. Code

using System;
using System.Configuration;
using Subgurim.Controles;
partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected void btnShowMap_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string fulladdress = string.Format("{0}.{1}.{2}", TextBox1.Text, txtCity.Text, txtCountry.Text);
        string skey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["googlemaps.subgurim.net"];
        GeoCode geocode;
        geocode = GMap1.getGeoCodeRequest(fulladdress);
        var glatlng=new Subgurim.Controles.GLatLng(geocode.Placemark.coordinates.lat,geocode.Placemark.coordinates.lng);
        GMap1.setCenter(glatlng, 16, Subgurim.Controles.GMapType.GTypes.Normal);
        var oMarker=new Subgurim.Controles.GMarker(glatlng);

6. Web.config file code:

Inorder to use the Gmaps controls, write the following code under appSettings of web.config file:

add key="googlemaps.Subgurim.net" value="YourGoogleMapsAPIKeyHere="/>




‘GMaps.dll'is provided in ‘gmaps.zip' along with the source code.