Else-If Condition in Python


In this blog, I will explain about the Elseif condition in Python. It will display in the Run module.
Software Requirement

Python 3.5.2.
Simple programming
  1. print('Welcome To Tutor Joes...')  
  2. print('Else If Statement :')  
  3. value=input("Enter The Value :")  
  5. if int(value)==5:  
  6.     print("Equal To 5..")  
  7. elif int(value)>5:  
  8.     print("Greater Than 5..")  
  9. else:  
  10.     print("lesser Than 5..")  

In this blog, I explained about the elseif condition. It will be executed and printed, as per the condition, being evaluated.

Welcome To Tutor Joes...
Else If Statement :
Enter The Value :2
lesser Than 5..