Key SharePoint developer tools

By Venkatesh Kumar Oct 07, 2012
Key SharePoint developer tools.

In this post we will see some of key developer tools for SharePoint 2010.

key SharePoint developer tools:

1. Mandatory for all SharePoint developers is the SharePoint 2010 SDK that includes many code samples and documentation. Use your favorite search engine to find Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SDK.

2. Highly recommended is the SharePoint Guidance available at, with additional information

3. Highly recommended is the Community Kit for SharePoint. It is a set of best practices, templates, Web Parts, tools, and source code that enables practically anyone to create a community website based on SharePoint technology for practically any group
of people with a common interest. It is available from

4. Highly recommended is the SharePoint Manager 2010 tool. It is a SharePoint object model explorer that enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view /change every property. It is from

5. Suggested are the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools, especially if you plan to develop Sandboxed Solutions. Use your favorite search engine to find Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools.


We all know these tools are available, but using these tools will really helps to understand, develop and master in SharePoint 2010. Experts can share if any other tools as helpful.
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