New features in Expression Blend 4

By Jitendra Sampathirao Aug 22, 2011
New features in Expression Blend 4

New features in Expression Blend 4

Silverlight 4.0:

1.   Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

2.   PathListBox

3.   ListBoxItem layout states

4.   Shapes

5.   New behaviors:

6.   Conditional behaviors

7.   Design-time resource dictionaries


WPF 4.0:

1.   Visual state manager-aware controls

2.   Easing functionality for animations


Visual Studio 2010 interoperability



1.   Player improvements

2.   Authoring improvements


Support for M-V-VM templates


Data store:

1.    Design-time improvement

2.   CLR type sample data


Source: Expression Blend 4 unleashed

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