Oops! Microsoft did it Again! This time screwed Windows Phone developers.

By Mahesh Chand Jun 20 2012
Are you a Windows Phone developers? Today's announcement of Windows Phone 8 probably made you obsolete already.
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Oops! Microsoft did it Again! This time screwed Windows Phone developers.

When I wrote my blog HTML 5 brings slow death to Silverlight and Flash I was just thinking about Silverlight developers. I have done a lot of work on Silverlight building several applications and learning it but when Microsoft added HTML 5 and CSS 3 support in Visual Studio 2012 (good thing), I knew Silverlight has a very limited life ahead.

Then Microsoft released Windows 8. Windows 8 also brought Metro Style apps with it. That totally changed the game.

Today, Microsoft announced its new Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.

Guess who? This time, Windows Phone developers got screwed. With all hardware and operating system changes, Windows Phone developers may find them obsolete and end up learning Metro Style apps if they want to continue with Windows Phone 8 development.

Windows Phone 8 now will run Windows 8 operating system and hence Metro Style apps.

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