Windows Phone Development Step by Step Tutorial

By Karthikeyan Anbarasan on Aug 06, 2012
This eBook covers most of the topics of developing an application with Windows Phone with a step by step approach on using each of the components that are available with the Windows Phone framework.
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The eBook is targeted towards audience of level 100 to level 400 to get complete idea of application development from the scratch.
Windows Phone Overview 
Hello World Silverlight Application 
Working with Alarms/Reminders 
Working with Contacts 
Working with Calendar 
Working with Camera 
Working with Panorama Control 
Working with Pivot Control 
Working with Media 
Working with Toast Notifications 
Working with Tile Notifications 
Working with Raw Notifications 
Working with Tiles 
Working with Launchers 
Working with Choosers 
Working with Navigation 
Working with Web Browser Control 
Working with Screen Orientation 
Working with BING Map Control 
Working with Device Information 
Working with Themes 
Working with Isolated Storage 
Working with Files and Folders 
Creating a Local Database 
Consuming an ODATA Service 
Consuming a WCF Service 
Encrypting Data for Security 
WP7 Tool kit for Silverlight 
Deploying Application to Marketplace 
F5debug - Windows Phone Apps

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