Zaheer Mangoli
Diffrence between CAML and LINQ in sharepoint?
Posted by Zaheer Mangoli in SharePoint on Nov 23, 2012
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Posted by Suchitra Behera on Jun 23, 2015
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A Library is a List, but all lists are not libraries.


Can have attachments
Have major versions only
Do not have Check-in/Check-out features

Cannot have attachments (files are directly in the library)
Have both minor (draft) and major (published) versioning
Have Check-in/Check-Out
Publishing Libraries can use Page Layouts
Have Unique Document Ids out of the box

Posted by Win! on Feb 05, 2015
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CAML is the one query language which is understandable by SharePoint. When we use the LINQ query SharePoint will convert LINQ into CAML