Building Mobile Friends HTML 5 using JQuery and ASP.NET MVC 4

Mahesh Chand Feb 22, 2012
Building Mobile Friends HTML 5 using JQuery and ASP.NET MVC 4
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Visual Studio 2010 support development of ASP.NET MVC 4, HTML 5 and JQuery. 

The MVC 4 Mobile project template in Visual Studio 2010 contains all the files and references necessary to create a mobile-friendly Web site. When you create a new MVC 4 Mobile project, you'll notice the familiar Models, Views and Controllers folders requisite for all MVC 4 projects (mobile or not) alongside new or modified scripts in the \Scripts folder. The \Scripts folder is where you'll find the many jQuery files that serve as an API for building mobile-friendly Web sites, in particular, the file for development and its minified partner,, for deployment.

Check out this article by Rachel Appel on MSDN Magazine.

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