A quick look at Git support in Visual Studio 2012

Akkiraju Ivaturi Feb 02, 2013
This article discusses about the Git support in Visual Studio 2012.

I've been using GitHub for Windows app a lot since it was released. Some people will make fun of you if you don't use the command line in git; and it's true that the old git windows tools weren't very useful. I've found that the GitHub for Windows client works pretty well for a lot of day to day work, and I can quickly pop open a shell window when I need it (e.g. removing files, merging, git depuloy to Azure). If nothing else, GitHub for Windows takes the annoyance thinking about SSH keys out of the picture.

I wasn't sure I'd like GitHub support in Visual Studio, though. It's nice to see file status, history, merges, etc., but I didn't want it locking my files or messing with my project files or... well, changing anything at all. I think of code as files, not a bunch of stuff living in Visual Studio, and I want to manage it.

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