C# Corner

  • HTML Elements : Part 1Oct 15, 2012. Here we are going to discuss the Elements of HTML.
  • Working With the <dl>, <dt> and <dd> TagsJul 27, 2011. The HTML5 dl, dt and dd tags are used to list data.
  • How to Call a .NET Assembly From a SQL Server Scheduled JobApr 27, 2005. This article shows you a step-by-step implementation of a COM client (a SQL Server scheduled Job) using .NET and C#.
  • DTS Custom Task in C#Jan 28, 2003. During last year I wrote an article about DTS and how to use it in C#. In that article I stated that I didn’t manage to solve the problem related to CustomTask. Today I finally forced myself to tackle that problem again and here is the result. Writing simple CustomTask in C# is the easiest part.
  • Using DTS from C#Sep 16, 2002. In this article I will concentrate on enumerating, executing and changing properties or global variables of DTS package.

About DTS

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