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  • Integrating Java and .Net FrameworkNov 10, 2012. To evaluate the possibilities of Java and .NET framework convergence.The article begins by briefly probing what constitutes the Java platform and .NET framework.
  • Enterprise Java Bean(EJB)Oct 06, 2011. Here you will learn about the Enterprise java bean(EJB), it is a technology to create deployable business component.
  • Java naming and directory interface(JNDI)Oct 06, 2011. JNDI is a mechanism to search a remote application from the local application. The remote application can be an EJB and the local application can be the client of EJB.
  • J2EE to .NET Migration: Quick TipsMar 26, 2003. Here are some Quick tips to get you started, in case you need to migrate a J2EE based application to a .NET based application.

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