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  • Coding Challenge - Lesson LearnedFeb 22, 2017. Here, I am sharing some note from the coding challenge: NumberStyles, Tuple, Generic Extension Method, Group string from right to left.
  • Migrating Lotus Notes Data To SharePoint Using Dell Quest MigratorNov 23, 2016. In this article, you will learn how to migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint using AutoMap Approach, with the help of Dell Quest Migrator.
  • How To Use Sticky Notes In Windows 10Sep 10, 2016. In this article, you will learn how to use Sticky Notes app in Windows 10.
  • Manage Social Tags And Notes Under User Profiles At The SharePoint Admin Center On Office 365Apr 19, 2016. In this article you will learn how to Manage Social Tags and Notes under User Profiles at the SharePoint Admin Center on Office 365.
  • AngularJS Based Note Making App In 100 Lines (Core Functionality)Dec 18, 2015. In this article, I will be walking you through how to build a simple and elegant note making app developed using AngularJS framework.
  • Lotus Notes To SharePoint Migration ApproachDec 03, 2015. In this article we can see how to approach for Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration.
  • Top Interview Notes For Any Developer or IT ExpertAug 14, 2015. In this article I will give you a few tips for preparing for an interview.
  • PowerShell Script For Deleting Note Board Web Part PostMay 18, 2015. This article shows a PowerShell Script for deleting the post added from Note Board Web Part Post.
  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration Using QUESTMar 24, 2015. In this article I am explaining how to migrate content from Lotus Notes to SharePoint using the Quest Tool.
  • Creating HTML Web Resource to Show Image Attached in Notes: Part 2Jan 14, 2015. This article explains how to create a HTML web resource and use our JavaScript method from Part 1 to get and display the image.
  • Creating HTML Web Resource to Show Image Attached in Notes: Part 1Jan 13, 2015. This article is about getting images attached in Notes and displaying them in a HTML web resource.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Key NotesOct 08, 2014. In this article you will learn how to work with the Visual Studio editor to get substantial assistance in improving the productivity of code development.
  • Add Tags and Notes in SharePoint Site PageSep 02, 2014. This article describe how to add Tags and Notes in a SharePoint Site Page.
  • Delete Comments by Note Board Web PartAug 20, 2014. In this article we can explore a problem raised by using the Note Board web part and the solution for it.
  • Introducing New Release Candidate Update For Visual Studio 2013Apr 03, 2014. This article provides notes on the release of the Released Candidate Update 2 for the Visual Studio 2013.
  • Sending Email Attachment From Entity NotesJan 21, 2014. If you are looking for sending email with an entity record attachment from Notes then this article is going to help you to implement this requirement.
  • SharePoint Permissions: Part 2 of 3May 07, 2013. In this article we can explore the Permissions tool bar items. Please note that this article is a part of an article series.
  • SharePoint Permissions - Important AspectsApr 30, 2013. In this article I am trying to reveal the important permissions aspects of SharePoint 2010. Please note that this will be a subset of Security.
  • Just for Fun - A Small Piano Keyboard in VB.NETNov 09, 2012. This one was just for fun; the article describes a project used to build a simple piano keyboard that plays some not too terrific sounding notes courtesy of the Kernel32.dll’s beep function.
  • Interrogating your Printer Queries with WMINov 08, 2012. In response to a newsgroup query here is the code needed to view the printer queues on your system. Once again this is achieved using Windows Management Instrumentation or WMI. Note this code will display all printer queues if there are documents waiting to be printed. To test this open up a printer queue and pause the printer then use notepad or word etc and print to the paused printer.
  • Three-state Workflow in SharePointOct 14, 2012. In this article we can explore the Three-state workflow of SharePoint 2010. Please note that this is an Out-of-the-box workflow also known as Built-in workflow.
  • SharePoint 2013 Team Site EnhancementsOct 05, 2012. This article describes what the new changes team sites in SharePoint Server2013 are.
  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Beta 2 Released: Installation StepsJul 01, 2011. The content of this article is taken as-is from the release notes of Windows Phone SDK 7.1.
  • Tags and Notes in SharePoint 2010Jun 02, 2011. In this article we will be seeing about the Tags and Notes feature available in SharePoint 2010.
  • Observer Pattern in C#Feb 25, 2011. Here I am sharing a good note on the Observer Pattern!!
  • Sticky Notes Application Using Windows Forms and C#Oct 05, 2010. In this article you will learn how to create a sticky note application using C# Windows Forms.
  • How-to store FastReport.NET report templates in databaseAug 25, 2010. Some applications require the storing of report templates in a database. This simplifies template support - all reports are stored in one place, and allows to differentiate the access rights to different templates. I noted only one shortcoming of this technique - slight complication of the code in the client application.
  • Stream operation in WCFJun 01, 2009. WCF provides the support for Stream object. It typically recommends the developer to handle the message which size is too large as Stream object for the sake of high performance. However, there are some constraints on Stream operation to note.
  • Analizing data to best customers using Crystal ReportsMay 22, 2009. In the sales analysis, there is a principle named the Pareto principle also known as the 80-20 rule. The 80-20 rule states that 80% of the effects come from the 20% of the causes and then the remaining 20% effects come from 80% of the causes. Pareto observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. One example in the IT world is that Microsoft has noted that 20% of the most reported bugs are the causes of the 80% of the errors or crashes of the systems. After Pareto observed this principle, a lot of application appeared. One of the most common applications of the Pareto principle is in the sales analysis. Companies perform analysis in their sales orders in order to discover the best customers, that is, the 80% of the sales come from the 20% of the customers. In this article, I will show how to perform a sales analysis using Crystal Reports. For this example, we will use the AdventureWorks database shipped with SQL Server 2005.
  • Sticky Notes in SilverlightMay 21, 2009. Sticky Notes in Silverlight 3 and Blend 3.
  • 19 Practical Points to be remembered while working on project/software CompanyFeb 11, 2009. This article will talk about some important points we should note while working with tight dead line project.
  • Flat File Parsed to XML Using C#Jul 01, 2007. I ran across an interesting problem today where I had to parse a flat file (csv or tab delimited) into an xml document. The solution I arrived at is flexible enough for reuse so I though I'd share the library along with some of my development notes.
  • Just for Fun - A Small Piano KeyboardFeb 02, 2007. This one was just for fun; the article describes a project used to build a simple piano keyboard that plays some not too terrific sounding notes courtesy of the Kernel32.dll's beep function.
  • AndAlso & OrElse Operators in C#Mar 13, 2006. Hi all, in a very short note I am trying to explain some interesting logical operators in C# and their VB.NET counter part. You must ware of the differences between these operators for a better usage of them.
  • OneNote 2003 - An IntroductionJul 13, 2004. Microsoft Office OneNoteTM2003 is part of next generation of Microsoft Office products. It allows users to electronically capture, organize, and reuse notes on thick clients.
  • Image Processing in C#Apr 13, 2004. This application explains basic concepts of image processing including brightening, converting to gray and adding notes to an image using C# and GDI+.
  • Music Editing Program in C# and .NETJan 28, 2003. This program will create music from a file of letter-coded notes. It will also print and print preview the music.
  • TCP Client and ServerSep 20, 2001. You need to compile the server and the client programs separately. Before compiling, change the IP address in both programs to match that of your machine (NOTE: You can get IP address of your machine if you run 'ipconfig' from the command prompt in Windows NT/2000 m/c's)
  • Using ListViews in C#Jan 18, 2001. As a Visual C++ user for 10 years I can say that Microsoft deserves praise for their new ListView class. The MFC ListView class was, well, unpleasant to use. C# makes life a bit easier with a richer property and method set for ListViews. Also, you can now, set the ListView to select an entire row in report mode, something that in Visual C++ you had to write a whole custom ListView control to do. Note also the nice grid lines.

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