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  • Delayed Transaction Durability in SQL Server 2014 (CTP2)Feb 27, 2014. SQL server 2014 (CTP2) introduced Delayed Durability. It helps reduce the IO contention for writing to the transaction log.
  • Implement Web API in Existing Web Form ApplicationJan 16, 2014. This article shows how io Implement Web API in an existing Web Form Application.
  • A New Version of Java - Java 8Sep 30, 2013. In this article you will learn about java 8 and the features adding to java 8.
  • SharePoint SQL Query to Get Details on Disk Utilization and IOJul 24, 2013. In this article I will demonstrate SharePoint SQL Query to get details of Disk Utilization and IO.
  • File Tampering Detection in VB.NETNov 08, 2012. This article describes an easy approach to determining whether or not two files are exactly the same.
  • Manipulation of Files in a WPF ApplicationFeb 12, 2012. As a developer you must have the ability to work in the file input and output system. By this we mean opening and processing things like text files, html files, word docs, etc.
  • C# File Operations: Part 1Apr 27, 2011. In this article we will see how we can write something into the file & how we can append our data into an already existing file.
  • Introduction to New Methods in System.IO.File in .Net 4.0May 04, 2010. In this article we are looking the improvements made as part of .NET 4.0 which made the file handling more flexible and fast using File class.
  • Single instance of application in C#Mar 25, 2010. There is some application that we want that only single instance of application works at a time. So here in this article is the logic for doing that.
  • Compress Web Pages using .NET 2.0 Compression LibraryOct 08, 2007. This article explains how to create very simple HttpModule to compress your dynamic content using compression library (System.IO.Compression) available in .NET 2.0?
  • File Tampering DetectionMar 06, 2007. This article describes an easy approach to determining whether or not two files are exactly the same.
  • Capturing File InformationDec 29, 2006. This article describes a simple approach to capturing and displaying file and file version information.
  • Working with System.IO.Directory Class in C#Jul 22, 2002. This article is focused on understanding the Directory class of System.IO namespace.
  • Multi-threaded Web Applications - Case I: Search EngineMar 07, 2002. This article is the first of the series of 4. I will demonstrate the use of threading in web applications by implementing a simply search engine. The following 3 articles in the series will be a Port Scanner, a Reverse DNS and a Web Hammer respectively.
  • NodeJS By .Net PlatformJul 07, 2016. In this article you will learn about NodeJS By .Net Platform.
  • File I/O Using C#Jan 08, 2014. In this article, you will learn how to work with classes in the System.IO namespace for reading data from and writing data to files.
  • OpenMenu in Java Using Netbeans IDEAug 08, 2013. This article describes how to create an OpenMenu bar in Java. The Netbeans IDE is used for the development of the example.
  • SP Diagnostics Tool - Part 2 of 3Jul 12, 2013. In this article we will see some more reports that this tool provides to diagnose issues in SharePoint.
  • Line Count Utility in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. This utility is for counting number of code lines in a Visual Studio Project. It returns the number of code lines and file names which are in the project folders.
  • How to work with Text Files in C#Jul 25, 2012. In this article we will discuss about how to write data and read from the Text Files in C#.
  • Working With Drives and Directories in ASP.NETMay 24, 2012. In this article we will discuss how to interact with the File System, Drives and Directories and how we get the path details.
  • Practical Approach of Deleting Files From FTP PathApr 27, 2012. In this article we are going to see how to delete a file from the FTP path.
  • DriveInfo Class in C# with an ExampleDec 15, 2011. The DriveInfo class in the System.IO namespace provides a way to get drive details.
  • Using Memory-Mapped FilesMar 30, 2011. MemoryMappedFile is an interesting new class in version 4.0 of the .NET Framework which resides in the System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles namespace.
  • Monitoring File system in c# like file created changed, deleted, renamedAug 02, 2010. You can monitor the File system using the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher class. And you can handle the events like created, changed, deleted, and renamed.
  • How to read a text file in C#Jul 30, 2010. This code sample shows how to read text files in C#.
  • Hard Links vs. Soft LinksApr 06, 2010. This article talks about hard links and soft links; two of the nice features of NTFS file system.
  • Virtual Photo Album in C#Apr 05, 2010. This application called "Virtual Photo Album". I didn't use any third party components, so it should be easy for you to download the code and play with it. I will try not to use any third party components while I am learning C#.
  • Working with FileInfo and DirectoryInfo classesAug 11, 2009. This article explains about the FileInfo and DirectoryClass in the System.IO namespace. The sample application demonstrates how it works.
  • DriveInfo Class in C#Jul 16, 2009. In this article I will explain about DriveInfo class of System.IO namespace which is used to get information about disk drives.
  • File handling in C#Jul 15, 2009. In this article I have explained about file handing in C#.
  • Zip and Unzip files using GZipStream and DeflateStream classesJul 17, 2008. The dot net framework provides us a way to compress and decompress data using the classes under the System.IO.Compression. There are two main classes that perform the job, namely the GZipStream class and the DeflateStream class.
  • How To Compress and Decompress DataFeb 01, 2008. This article shows how to compress and decompress our data.
  • Access Row of a file Random bases using C#Jan 01, 2007. In this aritical, we will look how to get a row of a file which contains multiple rows randomly.
  • Image Resizing : Part IIJan 12, 2004. In my first article Image Resizing and FTP, I showed how I resize my digital camera pictures and FTP them to the web. I received a couple of requests to share the code for the image gallery on my web site that I use to view them so here it is.
  • Building Dynamic Service in C#Oct 31, 2003. This is a service that will run an application, and can be used over an over without hard coding any information.
  • Code Generator for Basic Stamp II MicrocontrollerOct 15, 2003. The Basic II Stamp is programmed by the language its named after, Basic. The language is a combination of Basic syntax and built in key words that control the Basic Stamp II chip.
  • Export ASP.NET DataGrid to ExcelSep 08, 2003. Export to Excel is one of the most common functionality required in ASP.NET pages. Users can download the data from the DataGrid into an Excel spreadsheet for offline verification and/or computation.
  • Output ASP.NET Page to HTMLJul 29, 2003. There are various reasons why it would be more appreciative to have the html page to be served to client.
  • Format DateTime Values in XML Extracted From DataSet Jul 17, 2003. In this article we'll see how to specify the format of DateTime values extracted from the ADO.NET DataSet and to verify we will write formatted contents in xml file.
  • Missile Command .NET Feb 23, 2003. Missile Command .NET is a simple video game written in C# using GDI+ for graphics. It's a tribute to the classic Missile Command game by Atari. I wrote this game to teach myself more about programming in C#.
  • Using Currency Manager and MemoryStream to Display ImagesJul 01, 2002. This article and attached sample code demonstrates you how to use the CurrencyManager and MemoryStream to display images.
  • Use CurrencyManager and MemoryStream to Display ImagesJul 01, 2002. This article and attached sample code demonstrates you how to use the CurrencyManager and MemoryStream to display images. The current demonstration displays all the records of the employees with their company and the personal Information.
  • A Simple Contacts List for Pocket PCMay 19, 2002. I have implemented a simple contact list application that is capable of adding and viewing contact details.
  • Tutorial: Working with Files and DirectoriesApr 03, 2002. One of the rich experiences in working with .NET is a huge collection of Base Class Libraries .
  • C# IRC BotNov 19, 2001. This is a very simple program that establishes a connection to irc server, joins a channel and greets every nick that joins.
  • Socket ProgrammingOct 01, 2001. This is a simple Client/Server program showing the communication taking place between the client and the server.
  • Auto CompilerMay 05, 2001. This is a utility to make it easier to compile from the command line. One of the problems with using the command line.
  • Find Files in C#May 01, 2001. I have developed a small application in c#, which helps in searching u'r hard disk for files of the desired extention.
  • Writing Secure Code using C#Apr 06, 2001. Code access security is a mechanism that grants/denies access to resources within a method call. For example, code written by a person may be allowed to write to the disk while code from another one may be forbidden from accessing the disk. This control can be enforced even if the code written by both of them is used within a single application
  • Simple Web File DownloadMar 23, 2001. This is a simple program that shows how to download files from the web and save them. The program uses the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes to request and retrieve the requested file.
  • Sticky NotepadMar 05, 2001. I wanted to experiment with writing a program that would run from the "System Tray" of window (that's where you have the date displayed...) since that's not possible with pure Java.
  • PaintBrush in C# - IIJan 30, 2001. This is a PaintBrush Application. In this Paintbrush user can draw some images and he can save the images in a persistence storage and later time can retrive the images.
  • Meal Scheduler in C#May 04, 2000. This service reminds you when it time to eat your lunch, BF or dinner.
  • Meal Scheduler in C#May 04, 2000. In this application once you enter your meal timings. A message box will appear on the screen while you are working and remember you about your meal with light sound.

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