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  • Synchronization in Parallel threadsJul 02, 2001. The Threads makes us able to run multitasks at a time. In fact Computers (John von Neumann Architecture) don't execute the tasks parallel .The OS gives threads permission (depend on thread priority) to work on CPU. The sufficient degree of parallelism keeps the CPU busy and it is efficient.
  • Multithreading Part I: Multithreading and MultitaskingApr 08, 2002. In this and a series of articles that would follow, we would learn about threads and how to write multi-threaded programs in C#.
  • Multitasking or Tombstoning and Isolated Storage in Windows Phone 7 Nov 26, 2010. Windows Phone 7 manages multiple active applications by implementing a stack. In a sense, this application stack extends the page stack within a single Silverlight program. You can think of the phone as an old-fashioned web browser with no tab feature and no Forward button. But it does have a Back button and it also has a Start button, which brings you to the Start screen and allows you to launch a new program.
  • Multitasking in Our Brain, Can it be Compared to a Computer?Mar 22, 2015. This article discusses multitasking as done by our brain and compares it to multitasking done by a computer.
  • Threading Simplified - Part 2 (Multithreading Concepts)Jun 29, 2015. This article explains various concepts, such as Multiprogramming, Multitasking, Multiprocessing and Multithreading.
  • Threading Simplified - Part 3 (Threads type)Jul 18, 2015. This article explains various concepts, such as multiprogramming, multitasking, multiprocessing and multithreading.
  • System Setting In Windows 10: Part 1Dec 21, 2015. In this article we will learns in detail how to customized Notification & Actions, Apps & Features and Multitasking setting in Windows 10 Operating System.

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