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  • Exploiting Windows Server Reverse ShellDec 04, 2014. This article demystifies the remote shell accesses by exploitation of unpatched Windows 2003 Server vulnerabilities and taking complete control over the target remote computers, which is in fact, a complex and difficult undertaking.
  • How to Transfer Exchange Account to New User on Another ServerAug 26, 2014. This article explains how to transfer an exchange account to a new user on another server.
  • Office web applications in SharePoint OnlineJan 30, 2014. In this article I would like to share about office web application usages, advantages and how its help us in SharePoint.
  • SharePoint 2013 New FeaturesDec 13, 2013. In this article I am sharing some of the new features of SharePoint 2013.
  • Adding Service Dependency on a Windows Service Through Registry or Visual StudioSep 20, 2013. In this article, I will show how to set the dependencies on a Windows Service of a service or services through its registry or through Visual Studio.
  • Excel Tips and Tricks Tip 3 (Quickly Create Many Range Names)May 30, 2013. With this tip, you’ll learn how to create many range names quickly.
  • Disable Loop Back Check in Windows Server 2012Feb 06, 2013. Microsoft introduces a security feature in 2003 server to prevent attacks on windows servers.
  • Evolution of Service Applications in SharePointDec 28, 2012. With SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Microsoft introduced the Shared Services Infrastructure, which was essentially a set of services that can be configured at one time and can be shared across various web apps in the farm.
  • Create Appointment in Outlook using VB.NETNov 09, 2012. This article show how to create an appointment by using the Outlook 2003 Object Model in Visual Basic .NET.
  • Installing And Configuring The Windows Server AppFabric Cache ServicesJul 19, 2011. Here you will see how to install and configure the Windows Server AppFabric Cache Services
  • Chapter 4: From 2003 to 2010: Deploying an ApplicationNov 25, 2010. After reading this chapter on deployment techniques, you will be able to Deploy a Web application and an SQL database using Web Deployment Packages. Deploy a Web application using One-Click Publish.
  • Chapter 3: From 2003 to 2010: Debugging an ApplicationNov 24, 2010. After reading this chapter on debugging, you will be able to Use the new debugger features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Create unit tests and execute them in Visual Studio 2010.Compare what was available to you or see what was different for you as a developer in Visual Studio 2003
  • Chapter 2: From 2003 to 2010: Designing the Look and FeelNov 23, 2010. After reading this chapter, you will be able to Create an ASP.NET MVC controller that interacts with the data model. Create an ASP.NET MVC view that displays data from the controller and validates user input and Extend the application with an external plug-in using the Managed Extensibility Framework.
  • Chapter 1: From 2003 to 2010: Business Logic and DataNov 22, 2010. After reading this chapter, you will be able to: Use the Entity Framework (EF) to build a data access layer using an existing database or with the Model-First approach Generate entity types from the Entity Data Model (EDM) Designer using the ADO.NET Entity Framework POCO templates Get data from Web services Learn about data caching using the Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric (formerly known by the codename “Velocity”)
  • Inserting & Retrieving records from MS Excel 2003 using OLEDBOct 29, 2010. In this article we will see how to develop a windows application using C#.Net to insert, search and update records from M.S.Excel-2003 file using OleDb Connection.
  • How to code against Excel 2007 and 2003 dynamicallyApr 14, 2010. Here in this article I am describing how we can code dynamically against Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.
  • Configuring IIS for Silverlight ApplicationsAug 12, 2008. Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser; cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Silverlight offers a flexible programming model that integrates with existing Web applications.
  • Project web access integration with outlookMar 03, 2008. This article tells you about the project web access integration with microsoft outlook.
  • Color Syntax Editor Part II - Exporting a RichTextBox to a Microsoft Word DocumentAug 14, 2007. This article is part II of a color syntax editor created back in 2003. It describes how to export the contents of the RichTextBox to Word and Open the Word Document Programmatically.
  • ASP.Net User Control as Web PartsJul 09, 2007. In this article I would like to give answers to some of the terms and also given some steps to deploy the web part.
  • Word automation using C#May 11, 2007. Word Automation through C# is all about programmatically generating the Word Document using C# code. Almost all of the tasks which we perform on word 2003 can be done programmatically using C# or VB.
  • Access Sharepoint Portal Server using Web Services in .NETFeb 05, 2007. This article discusses how we can leverage Sharepoint Portal Web Services to work with WSS in Microsoft .NET. The sample code used in this article shows how to access Lists Web Service to get the available lists in WSS. The sample code also shows how to add and update list items.
  • Creating a Workflow solution in SharePoint 2003Sep 18, 2006. There has always been a great demand for workflows in SharePoint. If you are a programmer, you can create a workflow solution of yourself and integrate it into SharePoint. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to create a workflow solution of your own.
  • A Guide To Migrate from VS 2003 To VS 2005Aug 07, 2006. This article shows how to to migrate your solution from VS 2003 to VS 2005.
  • How to remotely load an executable file in ASP.NETJul 26, 2006. A simple ASP.NET sample to load an executable file (or an application) remotely from internet.
  • Tip: How to Suppress if Duplicate a Memo Field in Crystal Reports?Jul 21, 2006. If you create a report with memo field in Visual Studio 2003 and check Suppress if Dupliate checkbox, you will notice the suppress on memo field does not work. This tip shows how to do it.
  • Role Based Security Using Authorization Manager in Windows Server 2003Jul 10, 2006. Authorization Manager in Windows 2003 is the more flexible, scalable and easier administration tool for role based security. Using Authorization Manager we can define roles and the tasks that roles can perform.
  • The request failed with HTTP Status 405: Method Not Allowed.Jul 04, 2006. PDSTest.NET Exception Occurred while processing the request. The request failed with HTTP Status 405: Method Not Allowed
  • A Brief Overview of Sharepoint Portal Server 2003May 16, 2006. This article is a brief introduction of Sharepoint Portal Server 2003.
  • Writing an Addin for SharpDevelop 1.0+ with Visual Studio 2003 Apr 26, 2006. This article shows to create a simple SharpDevelop Pad Content with Visual Studio 2003.
  • FxCop Integration into VS.NETFeb 16, 2006. In this article, I give brief introduction on FXCop tool, followed by steps to integrate the tool in VS.NET IDE. I have also indentified benifits and limitations of integration.
  • Creating Custom Template for Web User Control in Visual Studio.NET 2003 Nov 25, 2005. This article shows you how to create custom template for web user control in visual studio 2003. The attached sample application will install the custom template for the name given for either VB or C# language and also uninstall the custom template.
  • Building Windows Longhorn Applications using Visual Studio codename WhidbeyNov 15, 2005. The preview version of the next version of Visual Studio 2003 is called Visual Studio codename Whidbey. Visual Studio Whidbey has a support for building applications for Windows codename Longhorn, which is a new addition to the Windows operating systems series and successor of Windows XP.
  • Learning Visual Studio 2005 IDE - Document Outline in Windows Forms 2.0Aug 02, 2005. We all have seen Document Outline feature in Visual Studio 2003, which allows ASP.NET developers to select a control on a Web Form and in code editor, it would select the code respective to that control.
  • Content Management and Collaboration using SPS 2003May 16, 2005. This article would be providing a brief introduction about the role which Share Point Portal Server is going to play in coming future.
  • Edit Almost Anything with AgileStudioMar 15, 2005. There are a range of controls available as standard for Windows Forms in VisualStudio .NET 2003. These include TextBox to edit strings, CheckBox to edit booleans and even a DateTimePicker. However there is a vast range of types available in .NET.
  • Pocket PC 2003 : Saving the Signature as a BitmapFeb 15, 2005. The System.Drawing.Graphics namespace is commonly used for almost any forms in the desktop framework, hence it has got lots of facilities to draw any kind of image on to the device context.
  • Starting With SharepointFeb 11, 2005. Microsoft came up with an idea of Sharepoint Server, and now it's only a matter of few clicks to build an enterprise-portal. This article shows you how.
  • Rotating the text display on a Pocket PC/Win CE deviceFeb 01, 2005. In this article let us try to understand why rotating a text/bitmap is difficult to achieve on a Pocket PC 2003/Win CE 4.2 device.
  • Talk to SharePoint through its web servicesDec 09, 2004. Microsoft Office 2003 is very tightly integrated with SharePoint by utilizing its web services. Windows SharePoint Services comes with sixteen different web services. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 supports an additional five web services. The web services provided by SharePoint do provide a vast array of features.
  • Leveraging on XML feature of Microsoft Office Word 2003Nov 24, 2004. Word 2003 came up with a new feature of saving the conventional word document (.doc) files in the XML format. You can retrieve the information inside the Word 2003 documents by using the XPath queries and some logic.
  • A Comprehensive View of SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Part INov 05, 2004. There are many portal solutions on the market, for example from IBM, Microsoft, Plumtree, Vignette, etc. Microsoft's latest portal solution is Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This article will not evaluate different portal solutions but rather explain how to use and develop for Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 from Microsoft.
  • MSMQ on Pocket PC 2003Sep 27, 2004. This article builds on top of the existing article MSMQ, your reliable asynchronous message processing. It will show how MSMQ can be used on Pocket PC 2003 and at the same time provide an introduction to mobile development and the Compact Framework (CF).
  • OneNote 2003 - An IntroductionJul 13, 2004. Microsoft Office OneNoteTM2003 is part of next generation of Microsoft Office products. It allows users to electronically capture, organize, and reuse notes on thick clients.
  • Saving and Loading Ink on InkPicture Control in C#Jun 02, 2004. This article shows a real-world usage of Tablet PC InkPicutre control and ink. The attached file is a Visual Studio 2003 project, which allows you to load an image file, write on the image using ink and save the ink. It also allows you to load and view the saved ink on the image.
  • Live Communication Server 2003 v 1.0Mar 12, 2004. Live Communication server enhances the power of instant messaging and real-time communications to improve employee productivity. It is based on industry-standard protocol and offers secured messaging. It is an extensible system which enables the people to communicate and collaborate on various medias.
  • Introductions to Crystal Reports in .NETSep 19, 2003. There have been many enquiries about Crystal Reports on the site. Here i will show you how to create a simple report using Crystal Reports and Visual Studio .NET.
  • Talking to the Outside World in Excel 2003May 14, 2003. This code sample shows how to connect to the internet inside of Excel 2003. The idea is when the workbook opens the code behind the workbook searches for quotes on NASDAQ and then populates the spreadsheet with the data.
  • Using C# .NET in Excel 2003May 08, 2003. This article shows how you can take advantage of Visual Studio 2003 tools to write .NET applications that work with Office 2003.
  • .NET Framework Version 1.1 - Side-By-Side ExecutionApr 11, 2003. Microsoft has announced the release of the new version of the .Net Framework 1.1. As with almost everything in life, the only constant is change.

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