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About Outlook

Outlook or The Outlook may refer to:

In computing

  • Microsoft Outlook, an e-mail and personal information management software product from Microsoft
  • Outlook.com, a webmail service from Microsoft formerly named Hotmail
  • Outlook Web App, a webmail service from Microsoft for hosted Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 for business
  • Outlook Express, an e-mail and news client bundled with certain versions of Microsoft Windows

In geography

  • Outlook, Montana, a town in Montana, United States
  • Outlook, Saskatchewan, a town in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Outlook Peak, a mountain on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada
  • Outlook, Washington, a town in Yakima Valley of Washington State

In printed media

  • The Outlook (Rathfriland), a newspaper published in Rathfriland, Northern Ireland
  • The Outlook (New York), a popular monthly magazine published in New York, 1870-1935. The title varies considerably
  • Outlook (magazine), a weekly English language newsmagazine published in India
  • Outlook (Jewish magazine), a left-leaning Canadian Jewish magazine founded in 1962
  • Outlooks, a monthly gay magazine published in Canada
  • The Outlook (Gresham), a newspaper published in Gresham, Oregon
  • Outlook Media, a company that publishes Outlook Columbus, a GLBT magazine based in Columbus, Ohio


  • Saturn Outlook, a "crossover" utility vehicle (CUV) made and marketed by General Motors Corporation
  • Outlook Training Organisation, a registered charity in the United Kingdom
  • Outlook (1960 TV series), a Canadian television series
  • Outlook (1966 TV series), Canadian short film television series
  • Outlook (radio programme), a radio programme by BBC World Service


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