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  • Use of Pen Tool, Text Block, Shapes and Opacity in Expression Blend 4Jul 10, 2012. Pen Tool is a Drawing Tool. Shortcut is "P". Generally we can Draw Shapes by using Default Tool's like Rectangle, Ellipse, Line Tool etc but here we can also Draw Shapes by using Pen Tool.
  • Working with Pen in WPFFeb 22, 2010. Pen was a major player to draw layouts and borders in GDI+. However, WPF graphics sub-system is redesigned and pens are merely used. But if you know the usage of pens, you may need it. This article demonstrates how to use pens in WPF using XAML and C#.
  • Use System Brushes and Pens in GDI+Jul 16, 2010. In this article you will learn how to use System Brushes and Pens in GDI+.
  • Brushes, Pens and Alpha Blending in GDI+Apr 08, 2010. In this article I will explain about Brushes, Pens and Alpha Blending in GDI+.
  • Adding Colors, Pens, and Brushes to the GDI+Painter Application Feb 11, 2010. In this article I will explain about working with brushes and pens in GDI+.
  • System Pens and System Brushes in GDI+ Feb 10, 2010. In this article I will explain about working with brushes and pens in GDI+.
  • Using Pens in GDI+Feb 04, 2010. In this article I will explain about using Pens in GDI+.
  • Pen Alignment in GDI+ Feb 04, 2010. In this article I will explain about working with Pen Alignment in GDI+.
  • Working with Brushes and Pens in GDI+Dec 02, 2009. In this article I will explain about working with brushes and pens in GDI+.
  • Working with GDI+ Pens and FontsJul 30, 2001. The System.Drawinging.Pen and System.Drawing.Font classes represent pen and font objects in GDI+.
  • Apple Introduces Swift 2.0Jun 09, 2015. Apple introduces Swift 2.0 and will release it as open-source for OS X.
  • Drawing and Type Tools in PhotoshopMar 29, 2013. In this article you will learn about Drawing and type tools in Photoshop.
  • How to Install Windows 8 From USB Flash DriveSep 10, 2012. In this article I explain how to install Windows 8 onto a USB flash drive.
  • CODE- TALES: Series IJan 23, 2012. CODE-TALES is an effort for passionate technologists who are always out there trying to learn every day. I can assure you that each series will bring a new topic and though there can be several ways to do the same thing so any approach other than penned down here is always welcomed.
  • Using Tools and Windows in Expression Blend 2.0Sep 14, 2010. This article is a basic introduction of Expression Blend 2 and how to use various tools in Expression Blend. I am using Expression Blend version 2.0.
  • Lunar calendar in C#Aug 18, 2010. In this article I will show how to create a lunar calendar in C#.
  • Cursors in C#Jun 15, 2010. A cursor in Windows is an icon that is displayed when you move a mouse, a pen, or a trackball. This code shows how to apply and manage cursors in your Windows applications.
  • Drawing Other Graphics Shapes by Applying Cap and Dashed Line Styles in GDI+ Feb 08, 2010. In this article I will explain about Drawing Other Graphics Shapes by Applying Cap and Dashed Line Styles in GDI+.
  • Draw Line in C#Nov 16, 2009. In this article I will explain you how to draw lines in GDI+.
  • How to write a GDI+ ApplicationNov 04, 2009. In this article you’ll learn how to write your first GDI+ application, step-by-step. You will create a Window application and draw a few simple objects.
  • GDI+ ApplicationNov 01, 2009. In this article we move to the more practical aspects of writing graphics applications using GDI+ in the .NET Framework.
  • Working with Drawing ClassOct 27, 2005. This article gives an overview to work with drawing and printing class. It explains how to use various methods in the drawing and printing class.
  • Drawing XY Plot Graph in C#Sep 30, 2005. The attached code is an update of Mike Gold's XY Plot graph.
  • Revised Gauge Custom Control in C#Jun 10, 2005. This is an enhanced version of the custom guage. Enclosed are the source code for the control, and the test program.
  • Using Tablet PC Ink on Windows ControlsJun 23, 2004. You can use any control as a surface for the ink and can write on these controls using a Tablet PC pen. To make a control ink enabled, you must have to assign the handle of the control to InkOverlay handle.
  • ChessyOnline 1.0: An Online and Network Chess GameDec 31, 2002. The attached project is a chess game that can be played by two users online as well as on the network.
  • Implementing Prim's Algorithm using GDI+Dec 31, 2002. Prim's algorithm is an algorithm used in the graphics development to calculate the shortest route in a network when an object is moving from a source node to the destination node.
  • Chart RecorderOct 09, 2002. This is chart recorder program developed using C# and GDI+.
  • Web Thermometer in C# and .NETSep 13, 2002. The Web Thermometer is a good example for using GDI+.
  • Graphics using GDI+Feb 05, 2002. This sample project shows how to draw various graphics objects on a Form using GDI+ objects.
  • Graphics Programming in C#Dec 26, 2001. The new improved version of GDI is called GDI+. The .NET framework provides a rich set of classes, methods and events for developing applications with graphical capabilities.
  • Charting in GDI+Nov 07, 2001. Here is an example of creating simple charts using GDI+ commands in C#. I have used the random class to create 5 random percentage values. I then use GDI+ to plot these values on a chart.
  • A variety of Chart EnginesSep 07, 2001. The original code came from Scott Guthrie’s chart engine example. The differences from original code.
  • Scribble in C#Aug 24, 2001. Here is a simple scribble C# program you can change the color and the pen width.
  • Drawing With no OnPaint MethodAug 09, 2001. In this sample example, I draw GDI+ objects on button click.
  • Printing out your W2 Form using C# and .NETAug 07, 2001. This article covers a fairly practical aspect of using a computer - dealing with forms. The concepts in this article can be used to create any Form Application so that you can design forms that you can Fill Out, Open, Save, Print and Print Preview.
  • Working with Status BarsAug 01, 2001. An article on how work with status bars and pens and images to the pens.
  • GDI+ Samples: Rectangle, 3D, and EllipseJun 07, 2001. This article has three sample examples on GDI+ - Rectangle, Ellipse, and 3D.
  • A Graphics Component in C#Jan 15, 2000. In this example we have an XYGraph Component and a form that uses it.

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