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  • Working with GDI+ Brushes Jan 30, 2001. This tutorial explains how to work with texture, solid, gradient, and hatch brushes.
  • Time TickerJun 26, 2001. Graphics Class encapsulates a GDI+ drawing surface. The FromHWND method is used to create a new instance of the Graphics class from a window handle. Clear method fills the entire drawing surface with the specified RGB color by using Color class. DrawString method draws a string using Font and SolidBrush classes.
  • Drawing With no OnPaint MethodAug 09, 2001. In this sample example, I draw GDI+ objects on button click.
  • Mark Six on the FlyDec 04, 2001. In this sample, I demonstrate how a WebForm can be called directly as an Image.
  • Creating Graphics with XMLApr 09, 2002. This article shows how to create images on the fly and uses XML to specify the properties of the images.
  • Drawing Transparent Images and Shapes using Alpha BlendingApr 22, 2002. Alpha blending is a process of mixing colors and generating a transparent affect. To test this, you draw some graphics shapes on a surface and draw image on top of those shapes and you should be able to see the shapes.
  • Chart RecorderOct 09, 2002. This is chart recorder program developed using C# and GDI+.
  • Implementing Prim's Algorithm using GDI+Dec 31, 2002. Prim's algorithm is an algorithm used in the graphics development to calculate the shortest route in a network when an object is moving from a source node to the destination node.
  • Trackbar/Progress bar with Cylinder EffectMay 13, 2003. Trackbars and scrollbars are convenient ways of displaying a data range.
  • Text Transformation using GDI+ and C#Apr 27, 2004. This article shows you how to use GDI+ classes defined in the .NET Framework class library to apply transformations on text.
  • Significance of Transformation OrderApr 27, 2004. When applying a composite transformation on graphics objects, the order of transformations plays a vital role. This article shows you various aspects of the transformation order and the results.
  • Revised Gauge Custom Control in C#Jun 10, 2005. This is an enhanced version of the custom guage. Enclosed are the source code for the control, and the test program.
  • Working with Drawing ClassOct 27, 2005. This article gives an overview to work with drawing and printing class. It explains how to use various methods in the drawing and printing class.
  • Brushes in WPFJul 30, 2008. This article discusses types of brushes found in WPF and how to use them in your applications.
  • Creating a Line Chart Application in GDI+Nov 20, 2009. In this article I will explain how to create a line chart in GDI+.
  • Working with Brushes and Pens in GDI+Dec 02, 2009. In this article I will explain about working with brushes and pens in GDI+.
  • System Pens and System Brushes in GDI+ Feb 10, 2010. In this article I will explain about working with brushes and pens in GDI+.

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