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See also AC adapter
For other uses, see Adapter (disambiguation).
This mains power plug travel adapter allows British plugs to be connected to American or Australian sockets.

An adapter or adaptor is a device that converts attributes of one device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system. The term is often used to refer to AC adapters.

Some adapters may only affect physical attributes:

  • An electrical adapter may enable connection of a socket used in one region to a plug used in another by offering connections for the disparate contact arrangements, while not changing the voltage. For more, see: AC power plugs and sockets.
  • A garden hose adapter can convert between threads and quick-release, "snap"-type connections.
  • For computers and related items, one kind of serial port adapter enables connections between 25-contact and nine-contact connectors, but does not affect electrical power- and signalling-related attributes.

Other adapters may affect electrical attributes:

  • An AC adapter, also called a recharger (technically a miniature power supply or, sometimes, just a transformer) adapts household electric current from distribution voltage (in the range 100 to 240 volts AC) to DC low voltage suitable for consumer electronics. These adapters will become warm as they convert alternating current to direct current, but are safe to the environment and can withstand months of continuous prolonged activity.
    • ^ Both spellings are used in both British and American English.
    • "Macmillan English Dictionary". Macmillan Publishers Limited. 2010. Retrieved 2010-04-14. "adapter noun [countable] /?'dæpt?(r)/ or adaptor an object that allows you to connect two pieces of equipment of different types or sizes a. BRITISH an object that allows you to connect several pieces of electrical equipment to one electricity supply b. an object that allows you to use electrical equipment in countries where there is a different type of electricity supply from your own" 


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