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  • SharePoint Server 2010 Capacity Management ModelJan 26, 2012. This is the part of our Ebook on Essentials of Capacity Planning
  • Going on a Safari, Don't Pet the Books!Oct 14, 2010. In the old days, I liked to walk into a Borders Bookstore and wander up and down the technical aisle to see if anything caught my eye. Like many impulsive buyers, I invariably found a useful book and justified its purchase as a business expense. These days, the thought process is a little different. I'll walk into Borders, find an interesting technical book, go home and try to find it on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. Of course if you find yourself buying a lot of technical books over the course of a year, I have a better option: a subscription to Safari Books Online, a vast repository of technical books.
  • Free Book: C# Programming for BeginnersAug 21, 2007. In this book, you will learn how to write and compile C# programs, understand C# syntaxes, data types, control flow, classes and their members, interfaces, arrays, and exception handling. After completing this book, you should have a clear understanding of the purpose of C# language, it’s usages, and how to write C# programs.

About eBook

E-booking or eBooking means making a reservation or appointment for a service via the internet. The term may also refer to:

  • E-Booking (UK government project)
  • Computer reservations system operating via the internet
  • Online Booking System or Appointment Booking


Spire.Doc - Free .NET Word API
Use Spire.Doc to create, read, write, print, and convert word documents to OpenXML, RTF, TXT, XPS, EPUB, EMF, HTML, Image and PDF.
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