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About launch

Launch may refer to:

In boating:

  • Launch (boat), a large motor boat
  • Motor Launch (ML), a small military vessel used by the Royal Navy
  • Ship naming and launching, when a ship or boat is dispatched from a slipway, prior to fitting out and commissioning

In other uses:

  • Launch (Dragon Ball), a character in Dragon Ball media
  • Rocket launch, first phase of a rocket flight
  • Air launch, the practice of dropping an aircraft, rocket, or missile from a mothership
  • LAUNCH Media, creators of LAUNCH magazine and LAUNCH.com
  • LAUNCHcast (now known as Yahoo! Music Radio), an Internet radio service
  • Sea Launch, ocean-based space launch company
  • LAUNCH (Innovation Challenge), a program sponsored by NASA, Nike, USAID and US Department of State

In gaming:

  • Launch, a muitiplayer map featured in the FPS game, Call Of Duty: Black Ops


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