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  • Internationalization In ASP.NET Core MVC7/21/2017 2:18:23 PM. Globalization is a process of supporting different cultures. Globalization allows us to create multilingual web sites with ASP.net core.
  • Internationalization in NetBeans7/1/2013 11:36:47 PM. This article explains Internationalization using the NetBeans IDE platform.
  • Internationalization Getting Started9/30/2012 2:59:28 AM. This article introduces the concept of Internationalization in application development. Starting off with the basics of character encoding and Unicode, the article discusses the best practices to be followed in writing culture aware code and designing Internationalized user interfaces with adequate examples in .NET (C#).
  • Internationalization in JAVA2/11/2012 2:17:23 PM. Internationalization is the process of designing an application so that it can be adapted to various language and regions without engineering changes.
  • Implementing Internationalization in JAVA12/10/2011 1:11:01 AM. With the advent of globalization, the importance of internationalizing web applications has increased. This is important because web applications are accessed by users from various regions and countries.
  • Code Internationalization12/28/2005 4:00:34 AM. This is a very simple windows application example for localizing the application. Visual studio .NET makes it pretty simple to create localized applications and manage them.