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Tracing and Cropping an Image in Expression Design 4

By Nipun Tomar on Feb 03, 2011
Today I read about the way of Tracing and cropping an Image in Microsoft Expression Design4.S o I want to share this with you all in the form of an Article hoping that you will like it.

Today I read about tracing and cropping an image in Microsoft Expression Design 4. So I want to share this with you all in the form of an article hoping that you will like it:

  • Open a new document in Microsoft Expression Design 4.


    Figure 1.
  • Select a Rectangle from the tools and draw it with height and width fit to your screen. Fill the Rectangle with black color.


    Figure 2.


    Figure 3.
  • Import an Existing Image, i.e. File -> ImportImage :

    And choose the image that you want on your design Screen.


    Figure 4.


    Figure 5.

    Your window should be like this:


    Figure 6.
  • Now Crop the Image:

    Select the image and under the Object menu is a pop out menu called "Image". Here you will get "Create Image Object" option:


    Figure 7.
  • Drag a rectangle around the area you wish to Crop; a pop-up "Rasterise Area" appears showing dpi =96 (which is default) if you want to change than you can, and click OK:


    Figure 8.


    Figure 9.
  • You will see a rectangle on the image outlining the new Image. Save the new image:


    Figure 10.
  • If you want to see your cropped image on your artboard then drag it to another part of the artboard you will see two images :-- one original and one cropped:


    Figure 11.

For Tracing the Image
  • Open another Document in "Microsoft Expression Design 4" and repeat the same procedure up to Importing the Image.


    Figure 1.
  • Select the Image and under the Object menu click "Image". Here you will get "Auto Trace Image" option, after clicking on this you get a pop-up box "Auto Trace Image" click OK:


    Figure 2.


    Figure 3.

    Now your Image Should be like this:


    Figure 4.
  • Drag the image downwards and wait for response.
  • And after few seconds you will get your Traced Image. To see it clearly click somewhere else on the window:


    Figure 5. 

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