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Google Analytics API integration with ASP.Net

By Ravi Panara on Feb 26, 2010
In this article I will demonstrate how to integrate Google Analytics API with ASP.Net.

Recently I had a chance to work on Google Analytics API integration with application.

I searched a lot through the internet but I was not satisfied with the result and finally after doing lots of R&D and taking ideas and collecting information from different sites I decided to put that kind of code under one roof. So here is the code for those who want GA data in their application.

You must have a Google account to login to let Google track your web site visits and traffics  [such a kind of job has been handled by SEO team for the page ranking procedure].

Instead of taking much time I am directly shifting to coding part for the same. Just start with the initial code snippet.

// set username and password of your google analytics account account.
string userName = "";
string passWord = "";
const string dataFeedUrl = "";
AccountQuery query = new AccountQuery();
AnalyticsService service = new AnalyticsService("AnalyticsSampleApp");
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(userName))
         service.setUserCredentials(userName, passWord);
string str = "";
AccountFeed accountFeed = service.Query(query);
foreach (AccountEntry entry in accountFeed.Entries)
     str = entry.ProfileId.Value;

Once you get through with GA credential process you can start doing your stuff.

The following code snippet helps you to get the total number of visits of your site; you can set the date range to retrieve the data in-between.

DataQuery query1 = new DataQuery(dataFeedUrl);
query1.Ids = str;
query1.Metrics = "ga:visits";
query1.Sort = "ga:visits";
query1.GAStartDate = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1).AddDays(-2).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");
query1.GAEndDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");
query1.StartIndex = 1;
DataFeed dataFeedVisits = service.Query(query1);
foreach (DataEntry entry in dataFeedVisits.Entries)
            string st = entry.Title.Text;
            string ss = entry.Metrics[0].Value;
            _intVisists = Int32.Parse(ss);
            Response.Write("Total Visits : " + ss);


This is the output for your kind consideration that I have tested for my site.

The attached ZIP is a full test solution where you can find complete source code for finding overall pageviews, bounce rate, countrywise visitors etc..  and also attached required DLL for the same. 



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