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Autocomplete ComboBox (Windows Mobile)

By Vimal on Jul 21, 2010
Here is this article I will show functionality of auto complete combobox in normal combobox.

Here is the code by which you can get functionality of Auto complete combobox in normal combobox.

Just set your combobox's DropDownStyle to System.Windows.Forms.ComboBoxStyle.DropDown and add the following code in KeyUp event of the same combobox.

private void cbo_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    string text = null;
    int num = -1;
    object item = null;
    string str3 = null;
    ComboBox box = (ComboBox)sender;
    switch (e.KeyCode)
        case Keys.Left:
        case Keys.Up:
        case Keys.Right:
        case Keys.Down:
        case Keys.Delete:
        case Keys.Back:
            text = box.Text;
            for (int i = 0; i = 0)
                item = box.Items[num];
                str3 = box.GetItemText(item).Substring(text.Length);
                box.Text = text + str3;
                box.SelectionStart = text.Length;
                box.SelectionLength = str3.Length;
                box.SelectedItem = item;

That's it!!!!!

Happy Windows Mobile Codding....