Professional XNA Programming : Building Games for Xbox 360 and Windows with XNA Game Studio 2.0 , 2nd Edition

By Felipe Ramos Dec 10 2010
Creating or prototyping your next game idea has never been this easy. Author Benjamin Nitschke offers one of the most complete books on both game programming and Microsoft new game development framework XNA.
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Benjamin Nitschke brings you the ultimate guide to making your next game using the Microsft XNA with a fast pace book.

The book is divided in five parts that increment the level of understand of the framework. Before I give a summary of the five parts the reader should be aware that the book assume an understand of high school algebra and physics.

Part 1: Will introduce the reader to XNA and the bottom line classes. In this part you will work your way up to mastering 2D rendering basics, structures, the importance of helper classes, and design phase.

Part 2: Starts building the engine that will drive the rest of the games in the book. Covering normal mapping and HLSL toward the end you will work on building Rocket Commander; interesting 3D game with good Post-screen shaders.

Part 3: Concentrates on improving the engine by adding elements like sound using the XACT utility, input, and interface elements. Toward the end of this part another game will be created: XNA Shooter.

Part 4: Concentrates on one of the biggest project in the books the racing game. Covering topics like physics and extending the content importer for track information will prove invaluable in any future XNA project.

Part 5: Talks about adding multiplayer options by covering the different libraries available and a case study of Dungeon Quest.

There are many books covering the later releases of the XNA framework, but this is a must have in any game developers book shelve.