How to Configure Parental Controls in Windows 8


In this tutorial we will introduce you one of the feature of windows 8 operating system Parental control. This control have the ability to make your system more secure, through this control we applied such limits on our computer. Suppose you want to block some sites which could be harmful and not suitable for you children you can do this through it. Other one you can fixed a time interval for login user and after this duration time user automatically log out. You can also restrict the games, so according to your children age to permit and restrict that games which have violence and other explicit content. Instead of games and web site you can also block/allow particular applications.  

Step 1: Click on start and open the metro apps screen, now click on search from right corner of screen.


Step 2: New window will be open select setting tab and type parental control 0n search box, parental control icons will be appear on left side of screen.


Step 3: Now new window will be open, then you will select user for which you want to use parental control.


Step 4: In new window select radio button on to enable the parental control.


These are the main steps to enable Parental Control in Windows 8. Now we are left with three major steps inconfiguring Parental Controls in Windows 8.

The main three steps are:

  • Time limits
  • Games
  • Allow and block specific programs


Through this you can allocate your system for a fix interval time to use it and rest time to restrict for use. Click on OK button to go for next window.


In this window you can set the time interval according to your need, after set the setting click on OK button to save your setting.



In game section you have power to blockall games or set rating of games and block game according to rating. For your child that game you want to allow for them.


As you click on the check boxes game rating set according it and on specified rating game will be blocked.


You have ability to block game before install using the setting of parental control. set all setting click on OK button.



In this section you can allow and blockprogram like as games. There are two option you can allow to all program for use or restrict some one. Select radio button.


Click on OK button.


After some time list of all program will appear, select the program which you want to restrict for your child, click on OK button.



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